Saturday, November 28, 2015

universal studios...harry potter!!

*We celebrated the official day of Thanksgiving with my mom (my dad is still out of the country). The morning started out with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I enjoyed having it on in the background and Kendall seemed especially into it. Maybe it will be a tradition as I know it is for millions of people. :)

Cameron decided to make another train track around the table (he did this as well at my in-laws'). This one, however, was quite special in that one of the cargo trains held our butter. Every time someone needed some butter on their bread, the train was sent around the track. :)

Dessert was a new experiment and has now become a favorite of mine. It was awesome!!!

*Cameron is excited to announce that he has officially started his own blog. It's a hiking blog and I'm sure he would ADORE it if anyone wants to leave a comment. :)

*I got half way through putting our outside lights up yesterday. My numb hands drove me inside. :(

*I will find a way to make THIS happen!!


Anonymous said...

Wow--Cameron writing a blog! That's awesome. I just commented on it. He's doing a great job. Loved being with you Thanksgiving Day! And thanks for the yuuuuuummy dinner!

Gma said...

Wow! What views! I bet you were sure tired after that one.

Jessica said...

I just started Harry Potter with my kids :)

That cake looks yummy, is it really gooey? You know I'm on the opposite end of the gooey factor than you ;)

Cameron's blog is really cute :)