Saturday, April 9, 2016

angus burgers

*Chris made fun of me for my previous blog post. He said Adele's, "The Other Side" song I talked about is actually called, "Hello". Hmm...guess I'm not hip with the times. :)

*I stumbled across this delectable picture and it is now the desktop background on my computer. In case you are curious, that is a milkshake. :)

*We took a trip to the desert today. I'll be so sad when this outing loses it's "fun" appeal for the kids.

Every single time we go to Costco, Cameron begs for Angus Cheeseburgers (we had them as as sample once). Today was no different.

Chris and I had decided ahead of time that today would be the day. :)

*After Costco Chris spent some time here...

...while we spent some time at the mall. Kendall had been VERY excited that she had saved up $4 for a new Shopkins. Here they are looking up the names of her two new characters.

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Anonymous said...

Have the kids shown any signs of getting tired of the Palm Springs Costco trip?