Friday, April 29, 2016

guinea pig playpen

*Tonight will be my first real meal in almost a week. I'm SOO excited. Last week I was eating a pretzel and somehow cut the roof of my mouth. Long story short, it created a large sore (I won't go into the gross details) which caused most all food to be very painful. My diet as of late has consisted of temperature pudding. I couldn't have anything too cold/hot or with any texture. Luckily today I'm on the mend. You don't realize how much food affects your day when you never have any of it to look forward to, not to mention how weak you feel with just pudding in your stomach!!!

Here I am with one of my many cartons of pudding. :)

*Last week Chris made one of the best purchases. He found a large gate at a yard sale, which has become Blossom's outdoor playpen. Yesterday Blossom was in the front yard for 3+ hours, rotating between kids' laps. :)

*Today when I picked up Cam from school:

Cam: Mom, today in class we worked on Google Docs. When I saw everyone in the class logging on, my heart beat furiously!!!
Mom: Really! Why did it do that?
Cam: It's just fun to see a whole new generation learning Google Docs!!

*This week I was assessing a high school student. I asked her to fill me in on the whole Snapchat thing. I still don't understand the difference between it and Instagram. Kids seem to use it as a form of texting. Why not just text? Hmm...

*Chris and I rented Creed for tonight. I'm SOO looking forward to relaxing, eating a real meal, and watching a movie with him. :)


Anonymous said...

Boy, it sure makes you appreciate your health when you're sick, sick, sick, doesn't it? So how was "Creed?"

Jessica said...

How on earth did you not keel over only eating pudding?? That sounds really miserable!

I also don't understand Snapchat... But I know you can post to whoever follows you? I figure I don't need another thing to waste my time, haha. I spend plenty on FB and Instagram.

Love the piggie pen!