Monday, May 2, 2016

cream puffs

*Cameron had belt testing on Saturday. I love watching him, but it's quite nerve-wracking (mainly because he so desperately wants to pass). My parents went as well and my mom caught this great pic!

*We recently discovered a fun show that the kids REALLY enjoy, Kids Baking Championship. It's on FoodNetwork (or Netflix for us). They love watching other kids bake.

In fact, they got so into the show that we decided to have our own "championship" last night. They made their own cream puffs and daddy was the judge.  Here is Kendall watching him taste her creation. Cam is looking at the TV because he had created a slide with the title of our baking competition. He really got into the whole process. :)

*It took me only a few days to finish Leah Remini's book. Scientolgoy truly is fascinating and extremely disturbing at the same time.

*Saturday night we decided to cash in on both Kendall and my Free Birthday Burger Red Robin coupons. Pretty cheap meal!!

*Kendall is too much fun at her current age, but I wouldn't mind this chunky monkey back for just a day. :) Ahhh....

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Anonymous said...

You'll have to tell me about Leah Remini's book. Remind me to ask you.