Saturday, May 21, 2016

s'mores oreos

*My side job with one of the School Psychologists has picked up enough to where I finally felt the need for a Smartphone. I'm thankful to these boys for setting it up. It would probably still be in the box if it were up to me. :)

Sidenote: While I did get a Smartphone, I still am terrible at using the map thing on it. On Monday I have to drive to Murrieta and this is what I'll be using. :)

*Yesterday was my last official day with the district. I teared up a bit walking out. It's interesting that I was only there a few months, yet grew so attached. :(

*Today was a hike day for myself, my dad, and Cam. We first attempted a hike that didn't pan out the way we had thought. It wasn't very strenuous and was much shorter than we had thought. We did some analyzing and picked a second hike. It was much more up our alley. :)

Cam fell at one point. He was quite the trooper and kept right on going after we took care of the boo-boo. :)

*While we were hiking, Chris and Kendall started their morning with bagels at Panera Bread.

Afterward they went grocery shopping. Whenever Chris goes grocery shopping, somehow extra treats for the kids end up in the cart. While I'm typically grossed out by weird flavors of things, these were actually delicious!


Jessica said...

I almost bought those oreos, they looked so yummy!

Welcome to the smart phone :) I'm so dependent on Google maps, it's been forever since I printed out directions.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of the two boys setting up your phone. Look at that brilliant blue sky against the brown mountains--stunning!

Ana said...

Oreo should pay you! I bought these after this post. The kids were thrilled and they are so good!

Teresa DiMillo said...

I'm so glad you've entered this century with a smart phone! Now I can text you emojis!