Friday, May 6, 2016

candace cameron

*Chris recently purchased a Groupon for a trampoline park in Moreno Valley. The kids and I went a couple of days ago and they had a BLAST. It was quite relaxing for me as they had cushy couches all over where parents could just sit and watch. :)

*Today Kendall's birthday was celebrated a day early at school. I let Cam skip the first few minutes of school and join me to sing along with her classmates. The biggest highlight for her was bringing Blossom along for some birthday show and tell. :) She was quite happy to be the center of attention, holding Blossom and answering all sorts of questions. :)

*The School Psychologist I was filling in for returned this week. I still need to finish up the cases I had already started, however my hours will cut back in the meantime and I'll be completely done in about a week. It's nice that I'll finish before my kids get out of school. I can then attend their end of the year festivities. :)

*Sometimes when I'm on the computer, I'll turn on Fuller House in the background. Honestly, it's one of the dumbest shows, however it's one I can half watch while I'm doing other things. One of the main reasons I watch is that I like seeing what Candace Cameron wears each episode. I love her style. :)

*Between the two of us, Chris and I got an email, voicemail, and a text message today from Costco. Apparently a bag of veggies I bought is being recalled due to some of the veggies being linked to Listeria cases. I was already 3/4 of the way through (and luckily am fine)! I was quite impressed with the effort they made to let us know.


Jessica said...

Glad you get to enjoy some time off now after working full time :)

Anonymous said...

That trampouline park in Moreno Valley sounds much nicer (at least for the watching parents) than the one at the Big Air one in Redlands.