Friday, May 13, 2016

ears pierced

*Wednesday was Kendall's last game of her softball season. Afterward we had a  little trophy ceremony and cupcake time.

*While I'm not a bacon fanatic, I thought this was pretty funny.

*Yesterday was my first full day off (with the kids in school) in a while. The thing I was looking forward to the most? Plopping on the couch with some hot chocolate and watching Good Morning America. :) It was fabulous.

*Every time I see the commercials for Harry Potter World at Universal Studios, it makes me miss the books. I'm cautious about introducing them to Kendall before she's old enough to love them like Cam and I did.  Reading through them with Cam made for such sweet times. He actually wants to join in again too, which would be awesome. :)

*Yesterday we went to park after school.

There was a tiny trail and Cam insisted on me taking his picture at various points so he could write his own blog post about it later. 

*Today was a big day for Kendall. She finally got her ears pierced. She did great and didn't cry at all!

*As my job winds down, I'm realizing how much I will miss it. I actually ended up applying for a full time position, however wasn't chosen. Though I feel like I've done a pretty good job over the past few months, three month's experience can't quite compete with several years, which is what other applicants had. 

Despite not getting the full time job, I have been working with one of the School Psychologists in his side business (he contracts me to test students whose families have hired him) and this will thankfully continue. My biggest fear would be that I lose all that I have learned. This way I still keep myself in the "game" somewhat. :)

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Anonymous said...

Kendall was a cutie on the softball team and Coach Chris is an outstanding coach! Not only is he an excellent baseball player and knows the game so well, he's the kind of person you want your kids exposed to, as well as encouraging them with "well done's." Hey, I think I should write this on Facebook. :) And Coach Chris's wife Kelly was a great team mom--getting everybody organized for dugout duty, getting $ for the trophies, making cupcakes for the ceremony. It was a good season and all those little girls were fortunate to be on the Jayhawks team!