Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ballet 422

*The last couple of days I've allowed the kids to take Blossom in the backyard and let her run loose. Sidenote: Since when did Kendall start striking a pose for pictures??? :)

*I love a good documentary. I've noticed I lean more toward ones about present day people living regular lives (vs. ones about famous historical figures). I started one last night while Chris was at softball (knowing he would have no interest) called Ballet 422. It follows a choreographer as he creates a ballet for the New York City Ballet Company. I love learning about other worlds (like ballet) I know nothing about.

*Chris was quite proud the other day when he successfully cleared everything from our garage floor except our lawn mower, car vacuum, and car jack. It looks amazing! :)

*We've discovered a new favorite ice cream brand at Walmart, Blue Bunny. It is especially creamy. The cookie dough flavor was quite tasty.

*Back in December I vowed to no longer stock soda in the house (I only have it when we are out or on trips). I've kept it up and it has drastically reduced the amount I drink. However last Sunday some friends came over for lunch and brought a 12 pack of Diet Coke. They left it here and I must admit it's been such a treat to have some stocked in the fridge!

Many of my days did start with popping open a can.  :)


Anonymous said...

So does Blossom run around on the grass? Seem to like it? Good for you on the not stocking soda! That is an incredibly healthy habit!!

Jessica said...

We need to come meet your piggy :)

So funny that you find soda in the morning a treat.

Anonymous said...

I love documentaries too! Susan