Sunday, May 15, 2016


Chris started attending Crossfit a while ago and has grown to really enjoy it. A big reason he likes it so much is that he has a good friend who goes with him each time and they both hold each other accountable (which has been huge). A few mornings a week, Jason shows up at our house at 4:40 a.m. to pick Chris up for class. Yes, that is EARLY!!! Here are the Crossfit buds playing corn hole yesterday at Jason's son's birthday party.

Cornhole wasn't the only activity at the party. Cam really enjoyed riding a scooter at the skateboard park next door. He was SOOO scared to go down this ramp. Even the local teenagers were giving him tips (it was quite cute). He finally did it and we were so proud of him. :) 

Kendall was equally persistent in learning how to walk on stilts. 

Breanna (Jason's wife) is an amazing cake decorator. I loved her cake for their son this year, chock full of Skittles!!


Anonymous said...

What a fun skateboard park! Skittles don't melt when the cake is baked? Who knew?

Teresa DiMillo said...

Is Chris going to Covert with Jason? They are such awesome people! So glad he's keeping up with it!