Monday, April 18, 2016

santa barbara

The past few days were filled with talking, talking, and more talking. On Friday, myself and four college friends went to Santa Barbara for the weekend. We had a BLAST.

We stayed at a cute little hotel right in downtown and literally didn't use our cars the entire weekend. We walked on the beach, shopped, ate, talked, and relaxed. We caught up on each others' lives from the past five years (which was the last time we got together).

Each morning my internal alarm clock woke me earlier than the other girls. I took advantage of our location and walked around town and on the beach each morning. It was so quiet and peaceful.

We also did more walking together on the beach.

We all could have stayed another night, but families and jobs called. :) While sad to leave, I was also excited to come home as it was my birthday and Chris and the kids had planned a special dinner for me. The kids made cards and decorated the table. They asked me birthday questions such as:

Cameron: What has been your favorite memory of the past year?
Kendall: Did you meet anyone in Santa Barbara that you didn't know, but that you went back and were friends with? (huh? Ha!)

It was a perfect ending to a great weekend. :)


Jessica said...

Just read this after emailing you asking how your trip was :) Glad it was fun!..

Love your birthday questions :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, SOOOO glad you got to go! Sounds wonderful. The quiet early morning town walks sound cool.