Thursday, April 7, 2016

lemon bundt

*Three full days down, two half days to go! I love having half days at the end of the week to look forward to!

*I love this picture of the kids with their great grandma :)

*A while ago Kendall heard Adele's, "The Other Side". Holy cow did it stick! She sings it ALL the time. She was very excited the other night when Chris played it on his phone and it included the lyrics she could read.

*I splurged and bought myself a new skirt for work.

*Whenever we visit Chris' parents, his mom always has yummy desserts. In Monterey she brought brownies, which typically would be my choice. However each night I actually chose something non-chocolate...the most delicious lemon bundt cake I've ever had. It was soooo moist. The fact that it got top billing over chocolate says a lot! :)

*Kendall decided to make a chain to count down the days until her birthday (in May).


Anonymous said...

Cute skirt...but then anything looks cute on you. :) Oh, that lemon cake looks delicious!

Jessica said...

I'm impressed you chose something non chocolate! Looks yummy.

Cute skirt too.

Ana said...

Recipe link for the lemon bundt plz??