Friday, April 22, 2016

blossom flower

The kids had today off from school. I had been really looking forward to taking the day off as well so the three of us could go on a hike with my dad. Enter my strep throat. :( So instead, I spent some time in Urgent Care this morning and Kendall went out to breakfast with Chris. Cam, on the other hand, still got to go on a hike with my dad (a much more strenuous one than we had planned) and had a BLAST.  They tackled part of the San Gorgonio summit.

Cameron is always very eager to talk with other fellow hikers. It's always nice when they reciprocate the friendliness. This ranger was very nice and eager to give Cam helpful tips.

He let Cam put on his heavy backpack, which was very eye opening for him as he has told me several times he eventually wants to delve into backpacking (whereas I have zero desire). :)

It could be because I caught the strep early, but I did not feel too terrible today. In fact, Kendall and I even went on a little outing to get her early birthday present, a guinea pig. Blossom Flower Petinak has now become an official member of our family and the kids are both quite taken with her. I must admit, she's pretty cute. :)


Anonymous said...

There's a picture of Cam with the backpack taken from the back that is my favorite. Welcome to the Petinaks, Flower Blossom!

Jessica said...

Awww, I love piggies! They are super social animals though, and really do well in pairs :) Maybe you can add another ;) We need to come see her.

South sorry you got strep! I'm glad you're already on the mend. It's always disappointing to be sick on a day you had planned something fun.