Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Last Friday I found out that I have to start work a week early. This was a huge disappointment not only because my summer is now cut short, but because we had to cancel and entire vacation we had planned to visit Chris' family in Reno (Noonie and Deb). They were beyond understanding and while it was difficult to tell them, we were dreading telling Cameron (Kendall is a little more, "whatever!" when plans change). Cam adores our trips to Reno. :(

As expected, Cam was pretty emotional not only when we told him, but later that night (I went up to his room an hour after bedtime and he was upset). I'm really savoring this current week as it will be my last until I'm officially a working mom. On the plus side, while I'm extremely nervous and bummed I start so early, I'm also excited and looking forward to this new challenge. :)

Some fun things we've done...

1. Adopted a new guinea...Brandy. Sidenote: Supposedly both our guineas are females...but...ummm...they don't really act that way. I REALLY don't want baby guineas!!! :(

2. Went out to lunch with my parents and some friends. 

3. On Monday we had plans with a school friend to go to Yucaipa Regional Park. Excitement was mounting as we drove up...only to find it was closed for maintenance. Ugh. Luckily I found a nearby community pool that actually ended up being a great second choice for the day!

4.  I needed a few things from Wallgreens so we took an early morning walk in P.J.'s.

5. Later today we took our rescheduled trip to Yucaipa Regional.

A treat on the way home...


Jessica said...

So sorry your summer is coming to an end sooner than anticipated :(

Love that your kids take the piggies walking 😂. If you do wind up with babies we'll take a couple off your hands 😉

Glad you still found swimming when the Regional Park was closed!

Anonymous said...

What a fun day at Yucaipa Regional! So glad everyone could go back the following day. AND that you found the other pool. It looks like the pool where I took Savannah for a birthday party. Looked like a great place!!