Monday, July 4, 2016

this is a long one!!

We just got back from an amazing seven days with friends the first half and family the second. The first half was spent at Bass Lake with our friends, Jeremy and Ana. They have a house they invited us to and it was SO, SO fun...

The first day we visited Yosemite National Park (this was a first for the kids and I). Cam was in heaven discussing the two biggest rocks/climbs and left determined to climb Half Dome at some point. :)

 You kind of cross your fingers all the kids will get along well when you go on vacation with friends. They all did awesome and really enjoyed being with one another.

The boys climbed up pretty close to the falls. We realized afterward this wasn't allowed. Oops!

The next day was lake day. Us Petinaks typically are not a, "stay all day" family when it comes to outings. Usually we head back after a few hours. However we stayed most of the day and had a blast!! 

One of my highlights of the day was when Jeremy/Ana rented a stand up paddle board. I LOVED it. I had wanted to try one for a long time and knew I would enjoy it. So. Fun. 

Here is Kendall, "doing it herself" (aka paddling while I push from behind). :)

We actually got quite a bit of adult time throughout our stay, whether it be during dinner, while the kids swam, or after they were in bed. 

Sidenote: Want to know how incredibly thoughtful Ana is??? She remembered my favorite ice cream (Baskin Robbins Chocolate Peanut Butter) from a blog post long ago and bought me my own quart. :)

The boys enjoyed ice cream as well and sacrificially polished off the last of it on the last night so as to not let it go to waste (flexing their muscles at the same time). :)

The third day found us again at Yosemite. This time we saw a different waterfall and we then let the kids play in the COLD river. :)

We had SUCH a great time and were sad to leave, yet also excited because our vacation was only to continue down the mountain at Chris' parents' home. His brother's family was there so the kids were extra excited.

I've said before how WELL we eat when we are there. Here is an example of Chris' favorite dessert, homemade Almond Joy ice cream. :)

Debbie took us (the kids AND the mommies!!!) back to school clothes shopping. We all came back with some cute things. :)

Cam was a trooper since you can imagine he wasn't as into clothes shopping as us girls. ;) He was rewarded for his patience with lunch at Red Robin.

We were able to get in two bike rides while we were there. When we go on the long ones, it's typically just Cam and I.

Getting back yesterday was nice in that we were ready to be home, but somewhat bittersweet because we had such a great time all week long. Now life is back to normal, which includes Kendall 24/7 spent with the quad girls. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm SO glad you had such a wonderful time with Jeremy and Ana and with Chris's family. I'm not sure that vacation could be beat! And you'll ALWAYS remember Yosemite!

Jessica said...

What a fun trip! Looks like a blast. I have been wanting to try paddle boarding as well. It's so great when you can vacation with friends and really enjoy the time :) I love your bathing suit top, so cute!