Friday, July 8, 2016


*This is our second summer participating in a local bookstore's, "Where's Waldo" activity. Nearby businesses hide a cardboard Waldo somewhere in their stores. Kids have to find each one and mark it off on their chart (he's hiding behind the cactus!).

We walked right by Baskin Robbins on our hunt and I decided to treat the kids to a cone. Sidenote: $2.59 for a kids cone?? Sheesh!!!

*Just some summer reading with a guinea pig on his back...

*Trampoline Park today. The kids LOVE these places!

*After a six hour play session yesterday, Kendall was on hour two today with the quad girls. Cam had just finished his latest hiking blog post and I wanted to give him something to do (we often feel badly that his sister/playmate is so often occupied). I convinced him to put together an old Lego set (he often resists b/c he knows there are so many missing pieces). Here we are sorting the colors. :)

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