Wednesday, July 6, 2016

tiny toast

*Yesterday we went to Chuck E. Cheese. Cam was over the moon when he discovered a certain game that, for some reason, spit out loads of tickets each time it was played. :)

*This past weekend Sam's Club allowed people to get in using their Costco cards. We decided to give it a try and were actually quite impressed. We also made an impulse purchase...Tiny Toast cereal (we got Strawberry).

Verdict? Kids loved. I'm not too impressed.

*Yes, our guinea pig now has her own stroller. 

*Today I took the kids up to Forest Falls. It was beautiful and they had a blast.

*There were two reasons I was proud of Chris the past few days. The first was that upon arriving home from vacation, we found out our air wasn't working. After several attempts at figuring it out, Chris discovered a wasp had wiggled into the exact spot the electric current traveled and was blocking the spark. He removed the burnt-to-a-crisp wasp and...presto! :)

The second reason was when I saw this video
 P.S. That's 350 pounds!! :)


Jessica said...

Have you explored Therman Flatts? It's beautiful and fun... I did photos there the other week. We should meet there one day with the kids :)

Anonymous said...

Good grief--I tell ya, that Blossom has quite the life for a guinea pig! And I'm proud of Chris for these two things too!

Teresa DiMillo said...

Chris is at covert?! That's awesome. Was that junior recording? I kinda miss my crossfitting days. That's an impressive amount of weight!! Oh, if you and Jess got to Thurman Flatts, we want to go!