Sunday, July 31, 2016

lots of cooking

*The other day Kendall was at the quads and Cam was bored. He loves to take his piggie for a walk, so we decided to brave the heat and head out.

*Recently Cam went roller skating with his Sunday School class. Kendall and I hung out while he was gone. I needed a frapp and she needed a sugar cookie in the shape of an ice cream cone we saw in the glass case. :)

*When we went to pick up Cam at the roller rink, the first thing he told us was how awesome it was that he got his OWN drink up and could get whatever drink he wanted and as many refills as he wanted. This almost trumped the fun he was having skating. :)

*On Friday, Chris took the kids up to his parents. He will head back today and the kids will stay up there for the next week. I'm so thankful for his parents offering to do this. It makes me feel good knowing the fun they'll be having while we need to work.

I took advantage of my solo weekend by cooking/baking. We recently bought a freezer for our garage and I'm hoping to start filling it with school snacks and freezer meals to have on hand. I want to lessen the food prep time I do during the week. I was very proud of myself in that I was able to make and freeze:

-Two spaghetti sauce batches- nothing gourmet...just ground beef and canned sauce
-Two batches meatballs- I just mix Lipton Onion Soup mix with ground beef
-Two taco meat batches- ground beef and taco seasoning packets
-Two batches waffles- I add a bunch of pureed spinach to the batter. It does make them green, but I've learned that the taste of the waffles doesn't matter a ton when the kids dip them in syrup. :)
-Healthy snack cookies- I lessened the sugar and subbed butterscotch chips
-One batch gooey bars- always good to have on hand

Sidenote: When I texted this picture to Chris, he made fun of me for having cereal in the freezer. In my defense, this is the kids' cereal. They will be gone for a week and I don't want a whole bag going stale!!

*Work this past week went really well. I think I'm really going to enjoy assessing preschool aged kids. They are just so precious. :)

*Despite work being low key and not feeling stressed, my sleep has been pretty bad this past week. I'm praying it's just due to this big transition. I really, really hope it's just temporary. Really.

*I'm on the last season of Gilmore Girls and am excited for the new episodes in November. It is just such a fun, lighthearted, great to take your mind of things, show. :)

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Jessica said...

Wow, that's so great you could do all that food prep!!

I have had setbacks in my sleep during times of stress and transition, and they were just temporary. I remember I actually had several weeks of it when Ethan started school all day... But once life felt normal again it got better. I will continue to pray for you :)