Friday, August 5, 2016


Where is the most beautiful place you've ever been?

If you could time travel, which decade would you visit?
The 50's

What is the last thing you ate?
I'm eating it right now. :) Frugos frozen yogurt. I haven't had it in months and I've got it three times this week (kids have been at my in-laws all week so we are a bit in, "vacation mode" when it comes to eating).

Favorite TV show right now?
We started, "Stranger Things" on Netflix last night. We are hooked.

Best thing about your week?
Getting to come home from work every day and plop down and relax. Also Chris and I got to go out to dinner TWICE!!! :)

Worst thing about your week?
Missing the kids and having to tell Cam his guinea pig passed away (but we got a new replacement!)

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I have zero desire to travel the world (except to see my sister) :) I want to go to New York and the Grand Canyon.

If you could be good at one sport, which one would you choose?
Running. I really wish I liked running.

What product have you tried and recently liked?
I got Chris a microfiber cooling towel for when he golfs. He let me use it for our San Gorgonio hike and I was AMAZED. That thing stays cool for a couple hours!!! How does that work???

Recent clothing purchase?
I bought this shirt for work and wore it for the first time today. It's so comfortable.

What book are you currently reading?
I honestly cannot remember the last book I read.  However Kendall and I are almost through the first book in the Little House on the Prairie series. We started taking turns reading a chapter a night, however now she has decided she'll do all the reading. :)

What is your current favorite exercise?
My Fitbit has probably wondered what happened to its owner. My steps have been terrible. I guess my once every few month hikes will have to suffice.


Jessica said...

Haha, my FitBit is wondering the same thing. I hurt my foot and after it heels I'm determined to get back on the wagon.

Teresa DiMillo said...

Todd and I just finished Stranger Things, we liked it, Todd more than me. The piggie died? I'm so sorry! The Fitbit didn't last long with me either. It was super motivating at first and then, not so much. :-/