Friday, August 12, 2016

my office

*This past Tuesday Chris took the kids out to the desert. His brother was staying at a hotel for a work conference and Chris was able to take them to use the pool. They loved it and were quite impressed with the resort. :)

*Thursday was the kids' first day of school. They were super excited. Chris and I split up and I took Cam while he took Kendall (they are on separate campuses).

*So this is my office. It's located at the district's main office, where I'm at three days a week. I share it with a speech pathologist, who is basically my partner in our preschool assessments. Kids ages 3-4 will come and we will both meet with them, evaluate them, and then decide (based on observation and testing results) if they qualify for either speech therapy or a special education preschool class.

My other two days are at the elementary school across the street. I basically do the same thing but with elementary aged kids.

A few things:
1. The white styrofoam cup was my third cup of coffee. I LOVE that my office is right next to the breakroom, which is stocked all day with coffee/creamer.
2. The salad next to the cup was made a few days ago. I've started prepping 2-3 salads at a time. I rarely take an actual lunch break. Knowing my kids get home at 1:30 each day makes me want to be able to leave on time and not work late. Lunch while working always makes the most sense.
3. I use my headphones when I need to really focus and not be interrupted. My go to's are nature sounds and piano hymns (Pandora). I can't do songs with words.

I was super excited because it was time for the weekend!!! 

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Jessica said...

Fun to see a peak into your work life :)