Thursday, August 18, 2016

the bad and the good...

bad...this morning I felt out of my element and a bit discouraged. I don't want to go into detail but I very much wondered if a few people were thinking, "Does this new girl know what she is doing?"
good...I have a super nice and great partner (my preschool teammate/Speech Pathologist). She really encouraged me and by the end of the day I was feeling better. :)

bad...I somehow misunderstood the kids' new school dress code policy. We not only just purchased four new shirts that don't follow the guidelines, but we now have to purchase more so Cam has enough to be in compliance (the shirts HAVE to have collars).
good...the school was super kind about letting us know and luckily they didn't single Cam out...he probably would have cried at being even remotely reprimanded (I was the same way at his age).

bad...getting what I used to get done around the house has obviously become much harder since going back to work.
good...I finally got around to re-vamping the kids' chore list and it has really helped. New additions include not only unpacking their tupperware containers from their lunch boxes, but also washing them so they are ready for me to refill when I get home from work (I like to do it right when I get home to have it done). I've also added cleaning their guinea pig cages completely on their own. Here is a pic of them in action. :)

bad...I didn't prep enough lunches for myself this week. least I had a Cliff Bar stashed in my purse!

Sidenote: I texted this to Chris and he made fun of me, asking if I was going to use a fork since I had "plated" a protein bar so nicely on a napkin. That is actually a post-it note, Chris. :)

bad...I had to work late yesterday to finish up a report. just happened to be the same day Chris had planned a fun outing for he and the kids. They went to see Pete's Dragon and then to dinner.

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