Monday, August 8, 2016

frosted coffee

*Knowing we won't be the only parents to have purchased backpacks from Costco, Chris came up with a smart idea. He ordered patches off Ebay and now their backpacks will be more recognizable, plus extra cute. :)

*For the past few years, we've had a tradition of taking the kids to the Palm Desert Aquatic Center the day before school starts. Obviously that had to be altered this year due to my work schedule. Luckily the kids were okay with going the weekend before instead of the day. Chris' brother was visiting, so while he and Chris golfed, the kids and I headed out to the 108 degree heat! :)

 Cameron probably spent 80% of his time jumping off the high dive.

Afterward, I had a motherload of a Costco list to conquer. The kids' enthusiasm for Costco has begun to fade as of late, so I bribed them with smoothies (and a latte freeze for me...never been a smoothie fan).

Sidenote: Speaking of iced coffee/frappe drinks, I recently tried Chick-fil-A's, "Frosted Coffee". It was excellent!! It seemed a tad pricey for the size, but it was still fun to try. :)

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Anonymous said...

Great idea to distinguish their backpacks. And go, Cameron, go on that high dive.