Sunday, August 21, 2016

breakfast bites

*Yesterday was a pretty uneventful day, but we had fun running around town. Our morning started off with a nice piggy walk. We get quite a few comments from people we pass as it isn't often you see two guinea pigs smashed into a baby doll stroller. :)

*Chris had a golf tournament so the three of us went into Redlands for a few errands. I was able to score a couple of dress code compliant/collared shirts for Cam at Marshall's. It took everything in me to head straight to the boy's section. They had a LOT of cute women's clothing. :)

*Costco was obviously on our list of places to go. Even if we didn't have a list, we probably still would have gone since that is one of my happy places. 

My drink below being one of the reasons...

I had packed sandwiches for the kids' lunches, but we didn't even open them due to the plethora of YUMMY samples. Cam couldn't even make it through all of them before stating he was full. :)

Perfect sample ending...popsicles.

*We got home and I started into some meal prep for the week. I got a few salads prepped for my lunches and some breakfasts for Chris. Sidenote: a friend of mine asked how I can prep salads so many days in advance without them getting soggy. My answer was that I don't. I like soggy salads. :)

*When the weekend comes, I'm so ready to do any kind of baking. This morning (Sunday) I was in the mood to make a fun breakfast for the kids. I've made these before and they are a big hit.

Sneaking another one...

*I have been in need of a good Gilmore Girls replacement since I finished up the series last week. I finally took the plunge and started Downton Abbey. I have not quite finished the first episode, but I have a feeling it might be a winner. Sidenote: Chris was not a willing participant so it will be a ME thing. :)


Jessica said...

That's awesome how they walk the piggies, I would comment too! 😂 I showed my kids and they loved it. Alayna has Guinea pigs on the brain right now and is desperately hoping for one for her birthday :)

I bet Costco has way more samples on the weekends! Plus!

Also a big win having the kids clean the piggy cages.

Anonymous said...

Do the guineas (I've forgotten the new one's name and I don't know if you changed Blossom's name when you discovered "she" was a "he") try to jump out of the stroller?