Wednesday, August 31, 2016

guinea surprise

*Sunday was desert day. We hadn't been in quite a while. As usual, Costco was first, followed by Barnes and Noble/mall.

Costco List:
Frozen Veggies
Frozen Blueberries (for Kendall...poor thing has been soooo constipated lately)
Cheddar Cheese
Graham Crackers
Bar Soap
Deli Ham

*This past weekend Chris' mom brought some leftover cake she had made earlier in the week. It was one of the most incredible tasting cakes I've had in a while. One look at how much butter it requires and you'll understand why. ;)

*At Cam's birthday party Kendall blew out his candles before he got the chance. She swore it was by accident. I thought it was quite funny when, upon viewing the video I took, I caught her in the act of "accidentally" blowing them out.

*Today I was SOOO excited to get to my lunch time. I had arranged to surprise Cam by bringing one of our guinea pigs to his class to celebrate his birthday.He was beyond excited and shocked to see Kendall and I waltz through the door (I picked Kendall up early to join in). He felt quite important and special and that is exactly what I wanted!!

Sidenote: Hopefully Kendall found what she was digging for...ha!!

*Chris and I recently started watching Narcos. He has already seen the first season, but is re-watching it with me because he knew I would find it interesting. It's a drama, but also the true story of the Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. It's a little gritty and definitely has some fast forward parts, but it is also fascinating to watch knowing it's true. So scary what went down in that era.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I wish I couldn't seen Cam's face when you both (or all 3 of you) walked in! What a great surprise. Did the kids want to pet him?

Ana said...

You look so cute! I love the skirt/scarf!

Jessica said...

That cake does look amazing!

I love the piggy surprise, how fun :)

I will have to check that show out, I've wondered about it.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else bothered that there's a misspelling on the board of a classroom?? ;)