Thursday, August 10, 2017

first day

*Today was the first day of school. Our yearly tradition of Red Robin the night before took place last night. :)

*After putting on their new, "dress code approved" outfits (this year girls also have to wear collars), we took their pictures. I love Kendall's pose. :)

I was able to go with Chris to take them to school. They were both a tad nervous, but ended up having great days.

*Last week, when the kids were with Chris' parents, Kendall came down with a bladder infection. Debbie took her to the doctor and beforehand, she wrote up a little "diagnosis sheet". She has done this before when we went to the doctor, but this one was a lot more detailed and simply ADORABLE.

*I recently heard about a podcast that I'm now addicted to. I've listened to several so far. They are called, "How I Built This." On each episode, the host interviews various CEO's about how they started their business. So far my favorites have been Clifbar, Kate Spade, and Spanx. I only get to listen to 5-10 minutes at a time (basically on my way to/from work), but they really are fascinating.


Anonymous said...

I know that you are so grateful for this phrase: "5-10 minutes at a time (basically on my way to/from work"! What a blessing your closeness to work is!

LOVE Kendall's "doctor's information sheet." My favorite phrase is, "Do I need to relax a bit more?" HA!


Jessica said...

Thanks for the podcast rec, I added it to my list of podcasts :)