Thursday, August 3, 2017

new shoes

*With the kids gone this week and school starting up next week, I figured it would be a good time to stock our freezer with a few school snacks. I tried this recipe for cereal bars and they are going to love them!

*I've always loved the look of turtle necks on men. I think it's very classy looking. Whenever I point out a man on TV and say how much I like his turtleneck, Chris grunts with dislike. ;)

Can't get classier than 007!

*Work has been relatively slow this week, which has been nice. I really miss the kids, but I'll admit it has been a treat to come home each day and have nothing to do but relax on the couch! You would think I would utilize this time to get a lot of household chores done. Not so much. :)

*I bought some new shoes that are super comfortable and nice enough for work:
*I once heard that whether your car air conditioning is on low or uses the same amount of gas because the battery is what the fan uses. What affects your gas is simply having the air on or off. Chris disagrees with this theory.

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