Monday, July 15, 2013

dessert stuff

1. What is your favorite dessert?
A tie between German Chocolate Cheesecake (this one in particular)

...and a super dense, rich, underdone brownie.

2. What is your favorite dessert to make? I probably have made Gooey Bars more times in the last 10 years than any other dessert. The main reason is that they are a hit anywhere I take them and they can be frozen/thawed very easily.

3. What do you NOT like in desserts? 
*Nuts (however there are exceptions)
*Hunks of fruit (if I'm going to consume large amounts of dessert calories...why would I waste them on fruit???)
*Edges and corners of any bar cookie
*Crispy cookies (must be underdone)
*Plain ice cream (needs chunks of something)

4. What dessert have you never tried but want to?
I've always wanted to try bread pudding. I think the traditional kind has raisins (blek!), so this recipe (minus the rum) is more what I think would be REALLY yummy.

5. What is your spouse's favorite dessert? Chris isn't super into dessert, but he does like German Chocolate Cake, cheesecake, and Cookies n' Cream ice cream. From the first time I made these, probably 8 years ago, Fudgy German Chocolate Cookies would be his favorite of the desserts I've made.

Other thoughts:
*I think "cake batter" flavor is a little nasty
*Peanut butter and chocolate is the best combo
*Butterscotch and chocolate is a close second
*Despite being non-chocolate and store bought, I think Lofthouse sugar cookies (found in grocery bakeries) are wonderful
*I prefer my bowls of ice cream melted to almost a milk shake consistency
*With that said, I don't care too much for milk shakes because there are no chunks
*If I walk into a Sweet Factory, I will completely avoid the entire gummy/sour section, which sadly is the largest section
*I have NEVER tasted a chocolate dessert that was too rich. Only wimps say things like, "Oh, I can just eat one bite. It's just so rich!" Paaalease :)


Teresa DiMillo said...

OMG, you are like my dessert twin! I agree with nearly everything you chose. (I don't like chunks in my ice cream) Peanut butter and chocolate are my favorite combo! I NEVER can relate to people who say things are too rich... what does that even mean?? I like everything underdone and your gooey bars, are what I take to everything and I call them "Magic Bars" They are always a hit!

Anonymous said...

Nuts! Nuts! Nuts! In everything!!!

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was me.

Jessica said...

Well, you definitely know what you like!

You and I could handle a pan of brownies well, we both like opposites, lol. You would eat the middle and I'd eat the sides. THe crunchier the better, and Matt and I both like the corners the best. ON my "no no list" you would find gooey undercooked desserts, lol.

So do you like a really yummy fruit crisp??? That is one of my favorite desserts. Fresh peaches off the tree made into a crisp or a peach pie is probably one of my favorite summer desserts... served with ice cream of course ;)

I also don't like chunks in my ice cream, and especially not crunchy ones. Chunks of brownie are the only acceptable option :)

Jessica said...

also, I think I have a recipe that could challenge your "nothing is too rich motto"... it's a chocolate ganache tort... the richest thing I've ever had.

Kelly said...

Jessica...not sure if we can still be friends if a peach pie is a favorite dessert:) I would gladly prove you wrong with your "too rich" tort. :) Make one for Teresa and I and I'm sure we'll both prove you wrong!

Sames Blogs said...

I have to attest to your goey bars being a hit. I just finished that last of my b-day stash you sent me via Chris. YUM!

If you want to try TO-DIE-FOR bread pudding, check out Mimi's. I lick the bowl clean. I think it may have raisins, but just pluck them out.