Saturday, July 20, 2013

not quite what we had hoped for

Today my parents treated us to an afternoon at Yucaipa Regional Park for a picnic and some swimming. The kids were beyond excited. As we were waiting to get in it started sprinkling. We debated leaving, but figured it would quickly pass. It didn't. While Cam got one turn on the waterslide and Chris took Kendall in the lake for a brief few minutes, it pretty much sprinkled or rained hard the entire time. :(

As we were all huddled under the umbrella Cam was getting more and more distraught. Not sure if it was the loud thunder, being so wet, cold...who knows. Anyway, we quickly packed up and headed back to the car. Overall the kids did very well considering it wasn't quite the day they or we had anticipated. :)

It might have helped that they knew what was headed their way this afternoon/evening. I'm not sure how this idea developed this past week, but tonight had been deemed "movie night", which included a viewing of Elf (gonna be honest and say it made me super excited for the actual Christmas season) and a dinner consisting of mozzarella sticks, pigs in a blanket, dinner rolls, and chocolate covered marshmallows. :)

To say these kids are fans of what Cam calls, "monster-ella sticks", is an understatement!! You can see Cam keeping tabs on how many Kendall was shoveling down :)

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Anonymous said...

You know, you're right. They did VERY well considering the big fun anticipated event was trashed by the weather. And it was such a fun place to go...I had forgotten all about Yucaipa Regional. Next time we'll make sure it's a great forecast.