Thursday, July 25, 2013

a few things we like right now...

ME: Allrecipes magazine. This is a great website I've often used and a friend gave me her copy of their new print magazine. I love it!! There are things in it that make it different than typical cooking magazines.

KIDS: The new devotional Bible I found called Jesus Calling Bible Storybook. It's very similar to The Jesus Storybook Bible, but there is a very short devotional at the end of each story. The kids really enjoy it and always want me to read the title of the next day's entry when I'm done.

ME: My new favorite snack: Cheez-its and toasted almonds (one of each in each bite) :)

KIDS: Homemade "Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes" (my version). I experimented the other day and just used a basic whole wheat biscuit recipe and rolled the dough into balls. After baking I then dipped them into water and rolled in some cinnamon sugar.

ME: Our library. It has provided us with fun outings this summer and today is no exception as we are headed to a magic show this morning. :)

KIDS:  Peppa Pig. If you have Nick Jr., chances are you have seen this show. My kids LOVE, LOVE it.

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