Saturday, August 3, 2013

reno vacation

We are back! I must say that this was one of those vacations that we did NOT want to return from. :) Reno was the destination for our trip to visit Chris' side of the family. We cannot thank Noonie and Deb enough for opening their home to us and giving us such a wonderful time (which also included Chris' uncle and cousins from Oregon). Here are just a few random snipits of our stay :)

Lake Day: Lake Tahoe was absolutely beautiful and this picture was one of Chris' highlights of the trip...relaxing in the rafts with his kiddos (and cousin Kayleen).

Back Patio: One of my favorite things was getting to eat our dinners out on their back patio. It was sooo peaceful and fun to talk into the night after the kids went to bed. Here is Kendall after Deb taught her and Cam how to make Banana Boats over the fire pit.

Relaxing: Despite having the kids with us, it truly was a relaxing trip. Here is Noonie and Kendall relaxing during a rousing episode of Doc McSnuffins. :)

Car rides: We were in the car a lot :) The kids did remarkably well...however I will say we LOVE DVD players! :)

Hiking: We went on one longer hike and a couple short ones. They literally live in the forest area of Reno so trails were easy to come by.

Reno: After Chris' uncle and cousins left, the six of us headed to downtown Reno. Here we are at Circus, Circus playing arcade games...which the kids LOVED.

In-laws: Since the drive to Reno is pretty long, we broke up the trip on both ends with a visit to my in-laws. We always enjoy our time here so it was nice to extend our vacation this way.

End of the trip: We ended our time with a breakfast at the kids' favorite breakfast spot...IHOP. Kendall literally ate this entire plate. I was stuck between, "Oh my gosh I can't believe my daughter just consumed that much sugar!" to, "Wow, pretty impressive... pretty darn impressive" :)


Jessica said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation! I had no idea Reno looked like that, but I guess it makes sense if it's so close to Tahoe. I was picturing desert, not wooded area :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an amazing vacation! Yes, those rafts look pretty relaxing and extra fun for the kids.