Saturday, August 17, 2013

san diego

This past week was spent with Chris' parents. We had a WONDERFUL time and were sad to see them leave this morning. Here are some highlights:

*Sunday started with a birthday celebration for Debbie (Chris' mom) along with Chris' brother's family and my parents. She had requested lemon cheesecake. I had never made it before but it came out delicious (even for my chocolate-only tastes). :)

*Monday morning we headed to Legoland. His parents had rented a house for the next three nights. It was great weather and the kids loved it!

*One of the highlights of Legoland was the spending money grandma and grandpa gave the kids. They each got a Lego set. This was SOO nice for us to have for Cam. It literally provided 6+ hours of activity for him while we were at the house. For instance, here we are at approximately 6 a.m. one morning...he was QUITE anxious to start on it. :)

*The next day the boys went to visit the U.S.S. Midway while the girls went to a park and did some shopping.

*That evening was one of the highlights for me. We found a cute little street front restaurant on Coronado island and had the most DELICIOUS food (homemade pasta!).

*To say the kids enjoy grandma's iPad is a huge understatement. :)

*Another highlight were the evenings after the kids went down. It was nice to relax and read. One night Chris and his dad also watched and soon became fans of Duck Dynasty. Wow. I guess there are SOME funny lines, but I'm not quite sure why it is such a cult phenomenon. :)

*On Wednesday we went back to Legoland to go to the Aquarium and Waterpark (within the theme park). 

*Afterward we were able to catch a few of the Lego Friends for a quick picture. Kendall was quite shy, but excited none the less.

*The next morning we headed to the mall for some school shopping for Cam and ended our time with a yummy lunch at none other than our favorite, The Cheesecake Factory. Chris' parents stayed a couple more days at our house upon our return and left this morning. Overall it was such an enjoyable vacation and a great way to end our summer. Regular life resumes, with 1st grade beginning Monday. Thank you SOOO much, Debbie and Wayne, for an AWESOME week!!! :)

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Jessica said...

Looks like a great trip! You've had a fun summer :) How was the waterpark at Lego Land? It wasn't open last time we were there.

We LOVE Duck Dynasty, it's a great show to watch just before bed. Clean, yet funny and amusing. We've seen all of them :)