Thursday, August 8, 2013

more of this and that

*Right now I'm relaxing in the recliner while the kids watch Wreck It Ralph. We made popcorn for the movie and I was again confused as to why I can't cook all the kernals without them burning. So I end up with about 1/3 of the kernals left whole. :(

*This morning my friend sent me a link to a really cool blog post about the game "high/low", which we play each evening at dinner. There is a third question we will now add. Thanks, Jessica. :)

*Also this morning Cam spent 2+ hours creating his own Lego house for the competition Lego is holding on their website. He was sooo excited to do this and upload it to become a part of the competition. While it probably won't win, it was too sweet to see him so into the whole process:

"Village House"

*The base camp for the firemen fighting the fire in Banning is just down the street. We have NEVER seen this many vehicles, personnel, etc. Wow.

*Today at the fruit stand I bought about 10 lbs. of almost done grapes. We will try to plow through half. The other half I'm going to attempt homemade raisins with this recipe. We'll see!!

*A good friend of mine just told me she was pregnant. I'll admit that while I'm super excited for her, I'm also a tad jealous. In addition to the fact that Chris underwent the "procedure" a couple years ago, there are a couple reasons it's not an option for us. But I'll be honest and say that I in no way feel ready to be done with this stage of our lives. I know I'll always be a mom...but I sure love having two little ones rely on me for absolutely everything...

*We often tease my dad because he will scrape his bowl dry whenever he eats ice cream. I hate to say I've taken after him as well. However Kendall takes this trait to a whole new level. The other day she not only stuck her tongue in the Mcdonald's sundae cup to try and lick everything off, but she then proceeded to lick the outside of it as well. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is so sweet to think of Cameron working so hard to enter the Lego competition. Wouldn't it be great if they automatically sent every kid an email saying, "What a great creation you made! Even if you don't win, we think you're a great Lego creator!"

Looking forward to hearing how your new question goes.


Jessica said...

I think I want to add that question to our nighty dinner conversation as well :)

I think Cam's lego house is great!!!

Ana said...

Love the blog post by Ann Voskamp. I'm really interested in the book she references: Sticky Faith. Wanna read it with me??