Saturday, August 24, 2013


Today a friend of Chris' invited him and Cam to join he and his boys on a trip up to the mountains. They visited Keller Peak Lookout and then had lunch before heading back down. Cameron loved it. :)

So what did Kendall and I do? I first treated her to one toy at the 99 Cent Store (I swear she acted like she won the lottery when I suggested this). We then went to Lakeshore Learning Store for their free craft Saturdays.

Before she and I left, my stomach felt a tad upset. I ended up needing to pay a visit to the restroom at the 99 Cent Store...oh, how lovely that was. :) Anyway, I'm still not completely in the clear so when Chris and Cam got home, Chris took both kids over to a friend's house for swimming, where they are right now. I was so grateful especially considering how tired Chris has been (just bad sleep). In fact, just this morning we played the "What would we do if we had a kid-free day?" game. His day included watching golf in his recliner and eating pizza. I know he has and is having fun, but it's not quite as relaxing. :)


Anonymous said...

What a fun day for them. Gosh, Cameron looks so tall in a couple of those pictures.

Hope you're feeling better.

Jessica said...

Ohhhhh I've had that happen with both my kids in tow at a public restroom... So not fun! I let them play games on my phone while in the stall with me. Not one of my favorite motherhood moments :)

Sorry Chris hasn't been getting good sleep :(