Tuesday, August 27, 2013


*I did not watch the VMA's the other night. I DID hear about Miley Cyrus' performance. My response? Speechless and disgusted (although sadly not shocked). Can I just move us to an island so my kids never are exposed to anything like this? :)

(I couldn't even find a decent pic of her at the VMA's)

*Chris read a fun article about secret things you can order on various menus. I've heard of the Biscotti Frappuchino and it does sound amazing. The only problem is that you are then adding $1.75 to a $4 drink to get them to blend in one of their biscotti cookies. :(

*Zoe is no longer a member of our family. She went to a GREAT family and we've already received text pics of her and her new 10 year old owner. Chris and I were a tad disturbed at how UN-disturbed both our kids were at letting her go. Kendall really could have cared less and Cam only expressed slight disappointment. Weird.

*A while ago I told Chris that I don't think I would ever want to go back to the gym. I love being able to start my work out literally 5 minutes after I've rolled out of bed in the morning. I also like being done before the kids even wake. However lately I've realized that it might be fun again to work out surrounded by others. Maybe someday...

*Last night I made super yummy and easy meatballs. I simply made a basic meatball recipe, then wrapped each one around 1/4 of a string cheese stick. Cam loved it!! :) This pic is from a blog post that inspired the idea.

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Jessica said...

I feel like I get a better workout in at the gym. I'm more motivated. I also need to eat breakfast and wait a while to workout, I can't do it immediately after waking up.

Miley Cyrus... I looked up her performance because I didn't watch the VMA either. It was so sad and disturbing.

Glad your dog went to a good family. Perhaps your kids weren't all that attached after all?

I never think to make Meatballs for my family, I wonder if my kids would like them.