Wednesday, August 21, 2013

two firsts

Monday was Cam's first day of 1st grade. He was not nervous a bit. I had dropped off my "IEP Cheat Sheet" for his teacher last week (just giving her insight into him...basically summarizing his IEP goals). In response she wrote me/him the sweetest email introducing herself. I think this really helped and Chris and I were impressed that she made this effort before the first day. :)

Yesterday was Kendall's first day of ballet class. To say she was excited for this is an understatement. However I was cautiously optimistic because she is very shy, so I wasn't sure if we would get there and she would change her mind. Fortunately that didn't happen. :) She absolutely loved every single minute of it. She was still a tad shy (I don't think she spoke a word the entire class), but she was in heaven and let loose a gazillion words about it as soon as we got into the car. :)

I love this picture because she looks a little drunk on happiness. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh bless that wonderful teacher of Cam's! A+ to her!! =) -Susan =)

Anonymous said...

Her combination of shyness and excitement at ballet are so sweet.

And I'm impressed too with that kind gesture by Cam's teacher.