Sunday, August 18, 2013

want a dog?

Zoe joined our family last summer. She has been a great dog in that she is super friendly and wonderful with the kids. However Cameron and Kendall's enthusiasm for her has dwindled by A LOT. It's gotten to the point where Zoe just isn't worth the upkeep. As sad as this sounds...we just aren't that into her. She needs a home where she will be played with more than the MAYBE 2-3 minutes per day she gets from Cam.

So with that you want a Boxer? :) Or do you know someone who wants a happy, non-aggressive, been fixed, up to date on shots, dog?  By the way, she also comes with a custom made dog house, complete with a light hook up for heat (for cold nights). We are asking $50 simply because she is fixed, comes with her shots and the doghouse.

Anyone?? Please?? :) Here is my Craigslist posting if you are interested.

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Anonymous said...

She really is a nice dog. It's sweet when she wants to lie across your legs when you're sitting on the floor. She'll be happier with someone who pays more attention to her.