Wednesday, August 7, 2013


*A while ago a friend introduced me to a company called Norwex. They make "green" cleaning products. I was impressed, but not willing to plunk down any money until I discovered their "veggie cloth". I was sooo tired of the process of soaking my produce in water/vinegar, then scrubbing. I'll admit I'm a tad hesitant because this veggie cloth just seems too plain easy. You literally wipe off your veggies like if you were using a normal rag. Sounds too simple to work? I hope not because I've been using it a lot. :)

*Speaking of veggies, while I like to think I generally eat pretty healthy, Chris' cousins this past week put me to shame. :) Austin's talk about kale being practically God's gift to the body inspired me to give it another try. So my lunch yesterday included a healthy portion of steamed kale. Um...I think I need to research some tastier ways to eat it. :)

*This is essentially our last week of summer at home. Next week we are heading to San Diego with Chris' parents and Cam starts school after that. I'm feeling a tad sad that it has gone by so fast and I won't have my little guy and Kendall won't have her best playmate anymore during the day :(

*Bachelorette:  I'm a little skeptical of Dez and Chris. I love Chris, but I'm just not sure she could have gotten over Brooks in just a few days. However who are we kidding? Why am I questioning that when I watch a show which basically finds peoples' "soulmate" in 10 weeks?!! :)

*Quote of the day (last week): Cam had been very interested in talking about heaven, hell, Satan, etc.

Cam: Mom, I want to go to heaven too so I can be with you.
Kelly: Ah, Cam, that's sweet. I feel the same way!
Kendall: Mom, I'm excited to be dead next to you.
Kelly: Oh! Um...thanks! :)


Ana said...

I've heard kale is great in smoothies! Also, I have had it at a restaurant cooked with bacon and it was SO GOOD. Then, what isn't good with bacon? :)

Ana said...

Still thinking about kale...
Costco has a "Seven Superfoods Salad" in the refrigerated produce section that has kale and a bunch of other stuff in it (broccoli and brussels sprouts) and it's the only complete salad kit we buy now.

I've made a mac-n-cheese dish with kale AND BACON that was pretty good too. My kids still turn their noses up at "that green stuff" though. Rachel ray has a recipe...