Thursday, July 18, 2013


*Yesterday we went to the beach. It started out rotten (or I should say my attitude was rotten) due to traffic, only finding a parking spot that required quarters put in EVERY hour, walking 1/2 a mile to the bathroom holding Kendall (because she insisted she couldn't walk due to having to pee so bad), etc. However it was easy to switch my attitude the minute we got to the water. They were in hog heaven. I had brought my mom's new big beach umbrella but didn't need it at all since we were literally down in the ocean the whole time we were there (a few hours).

Afterward we walked around Fashion Island for a while. There isn't a whole lot for kids there, but they have a cute pond area to run around. On the way home I introduced them to Sonic. They liked seeing the guy deliver their ice cream on roller skates. :)

*Realizing I'm doing pretty good on this month's grocery budget, I decided to treat myself today and bought these at Walmart. Excited to try them!

*Chris and I have always enjoyed the various shows/documentaries that Morgan Spurlock does (he's the one that did "Supersize Me" a long time ago). His current one is on CNN and is called Inside Man.

*The other night we were sitting watching Chris play in his softball game when Cam asked, "Mom, when babies are inside their mommy's tummy, before they get married...are they smarter than the eyes on a fly?" He was dead serious. Anyone want to take a stab at that one??? :)

*I got an Errandgirl job for tomorrow. I'm going to take an elderly man to the doctor. I'm looking forward to being able to wait for him in the lobby and read. :) I'm about 2/3 the way through Wuthering Heights. Not sure why I'm sticking with it as it is a dark and depressing story. But for some reason I really want to see how it ends.

*Kendall is officially done with her naps. Sad day. Sad, sad day :)

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Anonymous said...

OH NO!!! Lower the flag to half mast. The last kid is through with their nap. It was a glorious time while it lasted.

Okay, I've heard tons of funny kids questions, but that one takes the cake. Please write that down in his book.

And good for you for ditching your frustration yesterday and having a good time.