Friday, July 5, 2013


*We had a great July 4th with some friends. For the BBQ I made these cookies. They were good, but what was GREAT about them was the addition of the instant coffee. It gave them this richness that makes me think I'm going to add it to any chocolate chip cookie I make in the future. And for those who don't like coffee, you really can't taste it. :)

(I WISH mine looked this good!)

*The kids loved the fireworks, however it was a LATE night for them. We have realized lately that Cameron doesn't do so well when it's late and he's tired. He started crying on they way home wanting to know what time it was (over and the point that I tried to cover the clock) and telling us that he just needed to get to bed. He also says other things that just don't make sense (very hard to explain) and let us know he needs his bed, plain and simple.

*Today we met my mom at her friend's house for a swim. The kids loved it and I actually enjoyed it more than is typical for me. I'm not a fan of swimming but today the water was not cold at all, making it soooo much more doable for me. :)

(they are waving to the camera, which is why they look so funny)

*I've been trying not to heat up the house by using the oven for dinners. I was happy to find that meatloaf cooks perfectly simply by placing the pan in the crockpot (on top of a veggie steamer so the heat can circulate).

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Anonymous said...

What a great picture of you and Cam!

Poor little guy on his stay-up-late night. It's a good thing to know and usually easy to accommodate.

Yes, it was great fun swimming today with the kids. Cam is doing great jumping off the diving board and down the slide and Kendall's quite the glide-around-the-pool-hanging-onto-the-ledge girl.