Sunday, May 17, 2015

snipits from our weekend

Saturday we took a trip to IKEA. The kids just love it there.

That night Cameron and I had a Harry Potter movie date. I'm so sad that we only have one book left...

While we watched the movie, Kendall and Chris had a date at In&Out. She really needed some sleep on the drive there so she could talk a mile a minute once they arrived. :)

 This morning we went to a different church to listen to a friend of Chris' preach. It was a family service with the kids accompanying us. It was a good message, but got a little long toward the end for the kids. Cameron leaned over and whispered, "Mom, how much longer will this be? No offense to the people that work here." :)

After church we went out to the desert. We brought along Kendall's skates and Cam's bike.

I just finished packing the kids' lunchboxes for tomorrow. I'm starting to REALLY look forward to school ending if only to not have lunchbox duty!!! :)


Anonymous said...

So how is Kendall's skating going?

Jessica said...

Wish I'd known you were going to ikea! I ordered something I've been wanting online from there last week and paid the $10 shipping because I didn't know when I'd ever be able to get out there.

I sooooo look forward to not having to pack lunch at night soon :) Next Thursday we are out for summer, yay!

And I'm curious how the skating is going, my kids had a VERY hard time with it when I took them to that skating party.

Can I just say I'm over this cold gloomy weather
? Iknow you'll agree with me :) I want warm sunshine!

Kelly said...

Skating is still in the shuffling stage as opposed to gliding, but she does pretty well. I think a roller rink would be far harder as the ground is so slick.