Friday, May 1, 2015


*Typically dessert isn't worth having unless there is chocolate involved. However I must say that these Lemon Oreo Truffles I made this week for the kids' teachers (May's cookie of the month) were SOOO good. Kendall's teacher raved about them!

*Kendall has been asking if she can let her hair grow long. I love her hair short and am trying to persuade against this idea. When I do her hair each morning I tell her, "See Kendall, right now, if you had long hair, I would STILL be doing your hair!" or, "You would have SOOO many more tangles if you had long hair". We'll see if it works. :)

*Today at Costco Cam found something to use his spending money on...

*I have been in such a huge dinner rut lately. I don't menu plan and each night ends up being a different meal either for Chris and I or all four of us. :(

*We had an orthodontist consultation for Cameron this week. Looks like he won't be ready for braces for another couple years. By "ready", I mean he doesn't need them. We could do the two phase option, but that would be purely for cosmetic reasons. I think he can last a couple more years considering how much the two phase option is vs. the one! 

*I'm still working on our health insurance stuff. I have three solid pages of notes regarding my phone conversations with them. Yesterday I should have written, "cried this call" because that is exactly what I did to the representative. Ugh.


Teresa DiMillo said...

I would love to sample some of those lemon things! I say, let Kendall grow her hair, if she doesn't like it, cut it... It's the other way that is hard, it takes way longer for it to grow back after a cut. I LOVE Taelyn's long hair, I would be devastated if she wanted to cut it, so I get the way you feel. Sorry about the health insurance stuff.

Sames Blogs said...

Did Chris tell you that I cried on almost every single insurance call I had to make too. Scott would come check to see if I was ok each time. One time I lost it, and as I was hanging up, said something not very nice. The clerk heard me and I had to apologize. I feel for you.