Monday, April 27, 2015

white witch

*Last night Chris and I were watching an episode of Parenthood where one of the characters leaves for college. We both found ourselves thinking down the road and how SAD, SAD, SAD we will be when our kids move out. Sweet moments like today seemed that much sweeter. Cam decided to display two Lego sets and have neighborhood kids vote on their favorite. Next to him was Kendall, who decided to sell/trade some of her toys. Love it.

*Today I subbed 5th grade and they told me I looked like the white witch from The Chronicles of Narnia. Hmmm....not sure if I'm supposed to be flattered. :)

*Our family has officially discovered Moose Tracks ice cream. I might have had it when I was a kid, but I must have forgotten how yummy it was!

*The kids and I had dentist appointments a couple weeks back. I am downright angry at the outcome and too embarrassed to write how many cavities Cam has. The fact that I still brush his teeth (yes, I know he's a little old for me to be doing it) is what is so maddening. The reason I brush them is so cavities wouldn't be an issue! Ugh.


Jessica said...

That's so cute what your kids were doing outside, lol.

I'll be sad too, it will enter into a new phase of life when they move out, and I'm sure it will be a hard adjustment, but then we'll enter a new phase and find a different routine that can also be enjoyable :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's too cute having kids vote on their favorite Lego creation and selling toys. Did Kendall make any money?

Okay, judging from this picture of the white witch, you must not have combed your hair this morning. :)

Teresa DiMillo said...

That's a cute display! I think you found the worst picture of the White Witch, she is actually quite beautiful, I'd say it was a compliment. Thinking of Taelyn going to kindergarten brings me to tears, I may get 5150'd when she goes off to college. :-I some people are just prone to getting cavities, don't beat yourself up over it.