Monday, April 20, 2015


3: Hours I spent last week on the phone trying to get our health insurance figured out (still haven't). I'm so fed up I want to quit...but I can't because it's health insurance, afterall. :(

1: New hike we tried today (the kids had the day off). I didn't want to brave the 90 degree heat in Palm Springs, so we found one in Moreno Valley that was actually pretty fun!

0: New recipes I've tried lately. Dinners have been boring.

2: Seasons of Gilmore Girls I've completed. Man, I love that show.

4: Number of toppings I always get when we go for frozen yogurt (Butterfinger, Oreo, Reeses (cups), cheesecake)

2: Number of times I'll go to Legoland this year. The first was with my sister's kids and I recently found out Cam's class is going for a field trip. In all honesty, I really would prefer not to chaperone, but he is excited about me coming. I also am looking forward to the drive with just the two of us (and glad we don't have to ride the bus that whole way!).

1: Movie in a theater I will probably see all year...and I'm certain it will be Jurassic World. I'm SOOOO excited.

40: Minutes of homework a day Cam now has to do completely online. He loves that it is on the computer now, but he would much rather HE choose the ratio of math to Language Arts, instead of it being equal. :)

Sidenote: After our hike today I asked Cam if he thought he could sit in the car without putting his dirty shoes on the back of the front seat. In a completely serious tone he said, "Mom, I think that is a challenge an 8 year old can take on". Ha!

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