Sunday, April 12, 2015

tackling the hike

Yesterday morning Cam and I went on the same hike he had done several weeks back with Chris (Cactus to Clouds). He often talks about doing the entire hike (10+ hours all the way to the top of the Palm Springs tram). After running into a couple gentlemen on the trail who were actually going all the way, they encouraged Cam and told him they felt he would be ready in two years. After that pep talk, Cam talked of nothing else. :)

I must say that if we really are going to tackle this hike in a couple years, I might need to get back on the exercise wagon. Wow, did I huff and puff yesterday! :) I also told Cam we need to build up to it and keep increasing our distance each time we go (we are set to go again in a couple weeks with my dad). And lastly I want to find people who have actually done it and ideally have one of them accompany us.

This sign doesn't exactly ease my concerns about it. :)

This hiking book (where we first discovered the hike) accompanies many of our to dinner last night. :)

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Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, that is a seriously hard core hike!!