Saturday, April 25, 2015

another hike!

This morning Cam and I introduced my dad to Cactus to Clouds. We also wanted to extend our hiking time in preparation for the 10 hour hike to the tram Cam has planned for the future. However, he might be rethinking that length of hike after today. :)

We hiked four total hours. While he had a great time and always insisted on being the leader, he was pooped by the end (as were we!). When we finally reached the bottom he said, "Um....I'm not quite sure about hiking to the tram". :)

When we got to the bottom, my dad treated us to Starbucks. An iced coffee and a chair to sit in really hit the spot! And my boy really deserved that huge chocolate chip cookie. :)

Chris and Kendall enjoyed a nice morning filled with breakfast at Panera, browsing the toy aisles at Target, and a board game marathon. :)


Jessica said...

I am very impressed that Cam hiked for four hours, wow!! I love that Chris took Kendall out like that too, how sweet :)

Anonymous said...

A momentous morning for Cameron and a fun one for Kendall. Boy! That is quite an accomplishment for an 8-year old!