Saturday, April 4, 2015

vegas getaway

We got back from Vegas yesterday and had a great time. We did exactly what I was looking forward to...eating out, shopping, reading, and sleeping (one morning I slept in until 8:00!!!!). :)

The first night we went to our favorite, The Cheesecake Factory. We always like to go to the one in Caesar's Palace because it's fun to walk around beforehand.

We got a piece of cheesecake to take back to our room. I think I've decided that the Oreo Dream Extreme is officially my favorite dessert of all time (that is a big deal to move to the top of MY list!).

On Thursday I dropped Chris off at a golf course while I went shopping for a few hours. It was fun to take my time and go into any store and spend as much time as I wanted there. Mid-way through I stopped at Starbucks and read a magazine I had stashed in my purse. It was such a relaxing time and I even got two super cute shirts from Old Navy! :)

That night after dinner we found a frozen custard shop (wasn't too impressed) and headed back to our room. We had brought along our Roku box so we watched an episode of Bloodline (yikes...quite addicting) before heading to bed.

I must admit that I get a tad anxious anytime we leave the kids because I just don't like to be away from them. However once we are to our destination and I hear what a great time they are having, I have no problem relaxing. :) It's also fun to get texts about the fun times they are having, like going to Oak Glen for lunch after school one day. :) Thank you, Debbie and Wayne, for taking such great care of our kids!

And the icing on the cake of our mini vacation? When we returned I discovered Chris' mom had deep cleaned a ton of stuff in my kitchen (inside and outside of my cabinets, toaster, etc.) as well as did some major weed digging and flower planting. Wow. :) 

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Jessica said...

Totally feel you on the being anxious while away from your kids, I'm the same way! We're going away in three weeks for three nights and it's our first time staying at a hotel without kids in three years! . However I'm looking very forward to it. And your mother in law deep cleaning while you're away... I hope I can be a mother in law like that someday, how awesome is that?? So glad you had a nice trip :) I'd definitely be curious to try the desert that has moved up to your number one spot!