Tuesday, March 31, 2015

how to get cam to sleep in

*We have finally discovered the secret to getting Cam to "sleep in".  The key? Removing his clock. I realized that what was making him stay awake when he woke early was turning on his bright light to check the time. He then wouldn't go back to sleep! Granted, he's only sleeping in until 6:15...but that's 45 minutes later than normal!!

*Today was our first day back to school. I'm so bummed as I've loved having mornings not dictated by the clock, no back and forth to school, and just having days to fill with fun things. Oh, well. Summer will be here before we know it. We celebrated our last morning yesterday with a bike ride to the donut shop. :)

*The other day I stumbled across the 1970's show, The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries. It's a tad above Kendall, but Cam LOVES it!! :)

*I think Kendall could live on yogurt with cereal sprinkled on top.

*Tomorrow Chris and I are going to Las Vegas for two nights. His parents are coming down to stay with the kids. When friends have asked what we are going to do, I'll admit it doesn't sound too exciting...but it is exciting to us. Eating out, planning where we will eat (yes, that is quite fun for us) reading at Starbucks (while Chris golfs), window shopping, maybe a little actual shopping thrown in, and relaxing. Ahhh...can't wait!!

*A couple of my friends will text me their pics from that App that shows you a pic taken exactly a year ago on that day. I wish I could get something like that on my non-Smart phone. How fun would it be to get a pic like this one? :)

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Anonymous said...

You figured out what was making Cameron get up so early???!!!! Hallelujah!!!