Friday, March 27, 2015


Our church took a family trip to Mexico this past weekend. It was "family" in that they really worked in making it easy to take young kids. We stayed at a hotel (as opposed to the ranch with bunk bed quarters), which made sleeping much easier as well as allowed the kids to spend some free time swimming (in the hotel pool, which they adored). My sister and her kids were on the trip as well (her husband had to fly out to Germany so was unable to com).

As a group, we assembled two loft houses (10x10 homes with a small loft for sleeping) for two families. We also went to a local church and helped paint and pass out flyers for a movie night they were hosting for the locals. It was so good for our kids to see how other people live. It was also neat to see the end result, which was a small ceremony presenting the lofthouse keys to the family.

The kids did awesome, considering the many hours spent in the car, the long days on the job site, and just adjusting to being in another country. Chris and I also really enjoyed getting to know others in our church that we see each Sunday, but don't necessarily know.

Here are some pics:

Playing jump-rope with the kids at the local church. Umm...that's exhausting!

The kids had a BLAST swimming with all the other kids from our church.

At the work site.

You can see Kendall right in the center of the picture :)

We ate at the same taco stand all three nights. It was delicious! My dad joined us on the trip as well, which was really fun. 


Anonymous said...

This was truly a priceless weekend in the lives of the kids--and enjoyable for the adults too. "Firsthand" is miles ahead of "talking about" serving like this. So glad you got to go.

Jessica said...

I'm so glad it went well and ended up being such a great trip!

Teresa DiMillo said...

I'm so glad it was a fulfilling trip! I want to go next time!!