Friday, March 6, 2015

yellow belt

*One of the reasons I rarely meal plan is because it never seems to go as planned. For instance, my Monday crustless quiches didn't happen because I was too lazy. So we had spaghetti. My cottage cheese pancakes for later in the week didn't happen because I ran out of cottage cheese. I stuck with the rest of the week's plan...kind of. :)

*We went on a new hike yesterday with some friends. The views were so pretty!

*Costco trip today after school:
-Italian sausage: Chris will barbecue the whole package. I then cut them into chunks and freeze a big bag. Chris loves them chopped up in burritos. 
-Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges: Coupon for these!
-Pirate's Booty: We first tried this a couple weeks ago at some friends' house. Kendall and I loved it (Cam not so much). I saw they were on coupon, so on the list they went!
-Skinny Cow: Coupon! I'm hoping they actually HAVE these. Costco hasn't carried them for the past few months :(

*Cameron got his yellow belt!! He was so excited and we were soooo proud of him. :)

*Cameron and I are slated to finally finish our latest Harry Potter book tonight. This was the longest one yet (870 pages!). We have definitely used the, "up to 9 renewals" rule at the library! I have already checked out the movie and we'll watch it tomorrow morning while Chris and Kendall go find something to do. :)

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Anonymous said...

Yellow belt!!!! Yea!!!! Proud of our boy.

Where is the pretty new trail?