Tuesday, March 17, 2015

cashew milk

*Yesterday we tried a new hike out in the desert. We headed out extra early, knowing the heat would come quickly out there. :)

After a Cinnamon Crunch stop at Panera, we got to our destination about 9:00 a.m. This was by far the most crowded and popular hike we had ever done. It was fun to pass so many people up and down the trail. There were some pretty steep parts, but Kendall persevered (Cam ran most of the way!).

*Afterward we stopped at Costco on our way home. Since Pirate Booty was still on sale, I caved and bought two bags. After we run out, I think we'll need to take a break. Kendall is way too obsessed with the stuff.

*Chris and I are loving Secrets and Lies. So good!!

*I've decided I'm a nut milk fan (for my hot chocolate, not so much to drink). My newest try is Cashew Milk. Yum!

*I had suggested several times for Cam to build one of his Lego sets since he hasn't done one in a while (and we have plenty of time on our hands over break). He kept resisting. I decided to get him going by setting it all up and helping him sort the colors. Apparently that was all he needed because now that he's started, he's non-stop! And this set takes him about 7 hours. Woohoo!

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Anonymous said...

Good strategy on getting Cam interested in Lego again. :)