Sunday, March 15, 2015


*Yesterday Chris and I went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. Before dinner, we parted ways for just a bit. He dropped me off at Starbucks while he went to a golf store. It was so relaxing and I was excited because right before we left, my newest Food Network magazine arrived. :)

One of the fun facts included in the issue was that, "84% of vegetarians and vegans eventually go back to meat". I thought that was super interesting. While I'm not technically a vegetarian, I am much more so than not. Speaking of meat vs. veggies, last night I ordered a really yummy portobella mushroom "burger" at a restaurant called Stuft Pizza.

However it was nothing compared to one of my top favorite sandwiches of all time (I discovered a couple months ago), the Portobella Sandwich from Claim Jumper.

The flavor on that thing is amazing. :)

*Bachelor: I think if Becca had been into Chris, he would have chosen her. I guess it's a good thing Whitney didn't watch the season because she would have seen how obvious that was. :(

*FYI: County libraries have their reading programs going again. Five books read equal one coupon for a free burger at In & Out!

*Spring Break starts tomorrow and I'm excited to have the kids home for two weeks. We have this week planned, but I'm really hoping next week gives us some good weather so we can take a trip to the beach.

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